Friday, January 3, 2014

Breaking Point

Well, I have not been to the barn in a couple of days and won't make it there until tomorrow evening. Tonight I was enjoying an early day when my Mom came home and told me a lovely note was left for us from the Appie owner. Since the spilt, we throw her horse hay once a day and she gives medicine to Rosemary and some hay to the boys once a day.

Well it seems she "wants to get home earlier" and does not like going in the dark. I can understand the second, but the first is a slap in our face. She only thinks of herself.
So she wrote that she will come out in the mornings, but could we let her know when our days off are. That way WE could feed HER horse on those days. Seriously, anyone see an issue with this? She does nothing for us, but we still take care of her horse 2-3 days a week.

Saw the note today and it was even worse then what Mom explained. Here is the note:

When she was in her own field before, she did it all herself. If she did not come out one day, she just put extra hay out and did not worry. After nearly a year of co-op, she is picking the stuff she liked and not doing the things she did not.
In response to the note, Mom told her to take care of her horse and we would take care of ours. Saving gas money is not worth the stress of dealing with her. Plus I may be able to talk to M about stopping by to give Rosemary her medicine.
Lot's of little things have bothered us, but this was the breaking point.

This is too much drama to deal with on 5 hours of sleep. I can only imagine the note that will await me tomorrow.

Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold blast of weather we are having. Snow and ice seriously tested my driving skills while tired. Off to bed now. I am counting the days (14) till my next full day off.

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  1. That's very frustrating. Sounds like dividing them out again is easier!