Thursday, February 4, 2016

Starting the New Year

February 3rd brought the end of inventory, so I can finally get back to a more normal schedule.

I have a few goals:
1. Ride or work in hand a horse each time I am at the barn barring weather or special events.

2. Work on my fitness. Starting with walking on the treadclimber.

3. Drive Rosemary at a show.

4. Ride Roscoe at a show.

I know these are basic, but I need some reasonable expectations.

 Roscoe started the process with a ride in the snowy arena. He gave a baby buck to let me know he did not appreciate the 4 inches of extra work laid on the sand.

Then he smoothed out and set to work. Afterwards he stood in the aisle eating out of DaVinci's morning hay bucket while I filled hay nets. Such a good boy.

The next night Roscoe said it was Comrade's turn. Comrade shared Roscoe's opinon of the snow, but gave a decent ride.

 And today Roscoe and Rosemary had rides in the now snow free arena. In daylight too.

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