Monday, November 7, 2016

Committed to Showing

While I was on vacation, I saw a post about Jump Start 2017. When I clicked on the link it was an offer to buy dressage tests in bulk at discounted rates. The place where the shows are held is about a half hour away from the horses and I have wanted to show there, so I looked.

To be used in 2017
Package 1: 5 dressage tests for $100

Package 2: 10 dressage tests for $200

$20 a test is pretty cheap for our area, especially since it is close. Normally I have to drive at least an hour to show. At that price I went all in and bought Package 2. I can use it for any of the horses and I specified my Mom as an authorized user too. Now that the money is spent, I will make the time and show my ponies. Come what may...

Show dates... Eek Ready or not.

Hard at work
Plus this year we have to get back to the welsh shows so that Ember can get some show experience. After seeing how well Roscoe behaves, I really want to get him out there while he is young. I just have to convince him to trot next to me. Fortunately I have time.


  1. What a great offer, and so exciting you took it!!

  2. So exciting! Making show plans is always one of my favorite activities lol

  3. Awesome deals and awesome way to support the local showing associations!