Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coughing Cobs and Snotty Noses

Looks like I made the Cobs sick... okay more like Ember. Fortunately, it just seems to be a dry cough and snotty noses. Ember had gunk in his eyes when we picked him up and so did Ebony. A couple days after we brought him home, he greeted us with a snotty nose. A call to the vet resulted in us watching him and taking his temperature. No high temps and only a dry cough followed. He never lost his appetite or worried us. We put him on Vitamin E and C to help boost his system and he gradually improved.
Yesterday Mom reported the other Cobs are showing similar symptoms. They all will go on Pulsatilla, a homeopathic remedy, which helps with those symptoms.

5 pills x2 day, 5 days

 Comrade is happy because this means he gets a little meal in the evening to take his pills. Hopefully in another week, everyone will be healthy. Ember is all good now and he had the travel stress on top of the cold.

I wish my cold went away as quickly. I am still dealing with a cough. Ah well, we can all cough together.


  1. Hope they all heal up quickly with no complications!!