Saturday, September 23, 2017

Training Level Debut

We made it to the show with no other issues and immediately got Mom and Rosemary ready to go. Rosemary did a bit of cob trot, but quickly remembered how tough it was and went to work. She took over the calling since Comrade was at home. Then she decided to spice the show up with some bucking due to giant horse flies. Luckily we keep Vicks in the trailer for this problem. A few racing stripes on her butt, and Mom was set. I wish I looked a good my first show back in years. She did have me call her test, just in case. They did Intro B and scored a 66.8% earning them 5th in a competitive class of 8 pairs.

Considering my muscle soreness, I was glad I only had my ride at this show. I was pretty stressed and told them both I would not settle until I sat on Roscoe. Only then would I know we could do this. After four dressage shows, the jump chute clinic, the inspection and going to Sprieser, he finally figured out he could chill away from home. He was the most professional and mature he has been all year.

He could have used more warm up. His transitions could have been sharper. I did not have it in me to push for more though. What he did give me was peace of mind. We could do this. It is already icing on the cake to even be at this point, so  I just decided to go with it.

As my turn arrived, I started to go around the arena. But there was already someone going around, so I stopped and went back toward the judge to make sure it was my turn. It was and lucky me the judge rang the bell as soon as the other rider cleared the way.

Needless to say the entry and first halt were not great.

 Roscoe fought the halt surprising me. The tension stayed around for the first half of the test. I thought he felt better than some of his tests previously.

My small canter circle problem reared up on the left, but the canter felt pretty good.

Then I got the best free walk to date out of Roscoe. Of course at my lesson on Wednesday, Lauren said to watch his walk. She said it could be said he was "running." That was a new one for me. Well guess what comment we got on our medium walk?

 To the right Roscoe settled into the trot.

His canter was good once he picked it up.

 He went deeper into the corner than I though he would, so we had a bobble on the straight.

Our last trot was great and we ended almost straight at the halt. I was thrilled.


We walked back to the trailer relieved to have made our Training level debut. The Training 1 class originally had 9 people, but 2 actually did different tests. As we waited for scores, we loaded the trailer. A girl at the next trailer asked "How did your boy do?" At first we did not know she was talking to us, but soon we realized she was talking about Roscoe. Turns out she looks for him at these shows when she comes. My pony is getting a following and not just on the world wide web.

I walked back to get my test. As I predicted the person who has been winning the last shows, won again. I was amazed when she handed me a red ribbon. All I could figure was that she split the class. When the results came out a couple days later, I saw that was not the case. Turns out we tied for 2nd with a 63.26%. I'm okay with that score. It says we have work to do, but we are in the right place.


  1. Well done! You guys have made a lot of progress this last year.

  2. I think you should be proud of your recovery given all that had happened. Well done!

  3. He's looking more mature each time he comes out. You guys are doing great!