Sunday, February 18, 2018


I have not ridden much with weather and work over the last couple months, but the rides  I have had were good. Roscoe is maintaining the the energy we worked to find in November. Now I can ask for canter and get and an active gait. That means I can actually work on his canter and not just work at keeping him going.

We still have to work on our balance and straightness. I tend to lose my center when he turns into a motorcycle.
Ugh, what can I say

 Not sure how to fix that, but I am looking forward to working on it. We had a super warm day and I managed to get a little video of Roscoe.

I was pleased to see that though Roscoe lifts his head into the canter, he also lifts his shoulders.

He steps under just a bit

 Plus I am getting better about sitting taller. It is amazing what a year does for progress. I had hoped to take him back to Sprieser for camp again, but my other horse power required $1200 in repair leaving me too broke to play.
Now I have to decide what to ride for the next show in March. I am sorely tempted to do two tests and make one Training 2. I think Roscoe is a bit bored with Training 1 and that leaves him time to be stupid. So I may do T2 first and then try to be competitive for T1 after he gets his hijinks out of the way. Ah, the gamble.

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  1. exciting to be looking forward to a show in march! glad Roscoe is doing well!