Thursday, February 22, 2018

2017 Year in Review

2017 was one for the history books with the requisite highs and lows. I am still in awe of what we all accomplished.

January: So by now most of you know that this is my hell month at work and very little horse stuff happens. Sadly what did was Winston having colic one of my days off.

February: This was the beginning of an amazing year with my decision to participate in Adult Camp at Sprieser Sporthorse with Roscoe. Lisa and Natasha each worked with us and helped me figure out it was time to take the kid gloves off and move Roscoe forward. Although Roscoe showed his green, he also showed his class during a group cavaletti lesson. From that high we fell hard when we lost Winston the end of the month. I still get teary even thinking about him.

March: Roscoe and I had our battles as we both continued to grow and we had some jumping fun. Then I took Comrade to Adult Camp. We worked our butts off and had some really nice rides. The biggest win of the month was that Natasha offered to come to our barn for lessons. Motivation was activated.

April: Lesson Time! For the quality Sprieser trainers provide, the price of lessons is really reasonable. Plus I was able to have Natasha ride Roscoe for no additional charge.

May: Show Time! Roscoe and I survived our first dressage show kicking off a big year. We took in an old friend from the last barn we boarded at. And the month ended with the birth of Roscoe's second filly.

June: Roscoe's birthday month, his second show, breeding, lessons and finding out our trainer was leaving. June was a roller coaster. I also apparently have training level goals.

July: The month we did not take a breath. First was the USEA Jump Chute clinic, then another dressage show and finally the month ended with the Westfalen NA inspection. Roscoe was a superstar and expanded his fan club.

August: Roscoe took a break after the hard work of July and creating foal 2018. He did go to the Welsh show with Ember though. Comrade and Rosemary braved a dressage show with air traffic. We capped off the month by finding an affordable equine dentist.

September: This was a rough month with Dottie battling gastro problems, my sister in law getting in a head on collision and my car getting rear ended which was the beginning of gastro problems for me. And that was just before Roscoe and I made our training level debut.

October: Ember and Roscoe went to the VA Welsh show and then Ember went through a long gelding. Then Roscoe had a great training level test and Comrade was eliminated at the last summer show.

November: This was the month I was determined to get Roscoe moving off my leg and working harder than me.

December: Although we did not have a completely successful show, we did win the ugly sweater contest. Then we had a great Blogger Gift Exchange getting an awesome photo of Roscoe jumping at his inspection.

2018 will probably be less exciting just because I am poorer thanks to my other horsepower, but there will be more breeding. Which means more foals! I have 12 prepaid dressage tests and hopefully I can get some jumping in this year.


  1. Having just found your blog, this post was a great recap/catch-up. The mention of Sprieser Sporthorses had me going "oh shit!" though as I'm hoping to start heading over there for lessons once the weather improves and my schedule frees up. Had no idea you were in this region! Cheers to your 2018 =)

    1. Yay another area blogger! My ponies are about an hour away from Sprieser in Stafford. Roscoe and I are headed there on Sunday for a ride.