Monday, June 11, 2018

Foal Pool Entry Extension

Okay, technically the pool closed on the 5th, but I am extending it because Two Horse Tack may be providing a prize this year too.  I will let you all know the details when I know. So entries are accepted until the 17th.

In other news, we have a positive pregnancy for one of the mares bred last month. Unfortunately the older mare did not take. She will try again this week and hopefully the third mare will be ready too.

And now I can say that Roscoe did not do what Lauren wanted during the lesson because I made Comrade do the exercise and it felt really different. Comrade volunteered to give me my birthday ride and it was great. He has no problem moving his hind end and the exercise began to loosen his pole where he holds  his tension. I seriously have to remember to let go of the inside rein and we will improve. He ended the ride with a long, floppy neck. For Comrade that is always an achievement.

The Castleberry Boys

Roscoe and Rosemary have the make up show in a couple weeks and then I plan on handing the reins to Lauren for the July show. Now I just need to get the mystery problem figured out in my CRV so I know how much I have to pay to the mechanic and what I have left to pay for training rides. Between rain and car bills it is putting a kink in my horse riding plans.

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