Friday, June 15, 2018

Impatient Foal, It's a Boy!

Well before the pool could close, the foal is here. Tawe looked like she would go earlier than 340 days so the breeder gave me the camera information to prep for foal watch. Wednesday before bed I checked her and she was munching hay.

Yesterday when I checked her she was circling her stall. I wish I had kept watching because 2hrs later she had a boy. And of course my phone was still on vibrate from when I was training at work, so I missed the birth announcement. Little man is just like his dad, impatient to come out.

As soon as I saw the message, I looked at the camera and saw him up and moving. He is a big boy with good bone and angles. Plus he has chrome, blaze, 2 front socks and 2 hind stockings. At first his color was thought to be buckskin, but we think he will end up smokey black like his sister.

He is super friendly. It will be fun to watch him develop. I will post the foal pool results soon. The early arrival definitely hit the scores hard.