Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Tongue Tied

Send healing vibes for Comrade.

 Like me, his recovery has been slow. And now his tongue is infected again. He has been making funny faces and having some issues since the surgery. The vet said the scarring could make him chew funny. So we began to think we were worry warts. Then Thursday he did not eat his food and was drooling like crazy. Even at his worst before the surgery, he always tried to eat. Peggy arranged for the vet to come Friday. Of course by then he was colicky from not eating. Banamine helped him feel better and eat some hay. The vet came and looked at his tongue. Sure enough it was squishy. The options were another course of antibiotics for a longer time or bring him back to the hospital. Peggy chose the hospital and fortunately he could go right away. The vet who did the prior surgery kicked himself for not having Comrade come back for a follow up. He said this time they would get it fixed. As he poked and prodded the tongue, it exploded push. About 1.5 cups of that nasty white stuff. He could stick his finger in the tongue and feel the bottom.  To keep the wound open and draining, they cut a hole all the way through. Then they tied a rubber tube through the hold around the tongue.  Comrade was literally tongue tied. The vet figured it would not last long but it would help.
Peggy had a minor panic attack when she received an update on Saturday. A different vet  said that around midnight he had a "seizure." Then he kept going as if it was not a big deal. Peggy finally asked what him having a seizure means. The vet proceeded to say "his temperature went up." And a light bulb moment, the vet's accent made "fever" sound like "seizure." She could relax again.
The next update was less exciting. Comrade had diarrhea caused by one of the antibiotics. So he had to go on a sort of isolation until he passed three salmonella tests. He also lost his tube.
Hopefully he will be home next week and be on his way to being completely fixed! We certainly could not have done the targeted flushing that the hospital can, but we miss him. Comrade though is loving all the attention. He even nickered at the vet.


  1. Poor Comrade! I hope he feels better soon!

  2. All the jingles for poor Comrade! (((❤️❤️❤️)))

  3. This is all pretty scary, but especially the part where fever sounded like seizure! Yikes! Glad it was just fever!
    Hope he's feeling better very soon.