Saturday, April 3, 2021

Griffyn Update

 Well Griffyn has been a great sport about his injury and the multiple vet visits and treatments. He was a favorite between the vet techs. We had a balancing act between keeping him comfortable without getting him blocked up. Fortunately Magna Wave helped with pain enough to cut out the Codine.

His many bandage colors

 He received Magna Wave twice a week since the initial injury and the results were amazing.The vets were extremely pleased with his progress and lack of further infection. The necrotic tissue really could have been a big problem. I wish I had the picture my Mom and sister saw at the two week mark. There was a ton of bruising and the black covered each area. I do have a picture of the three week mark and the difference was noticable. It will be at the very end, so people can choose whether or not to look at them.

PEMF pad, perfect for a corgi

And now at the five week mark, he is free from bandages. We have to put antibiotic ointment on one area until it looks more like the bottom area. Since it is uncovered our friend added light therapy to the PEMF and we could see a big difference that night.

He sleeps well after a session

Griffyn is much happier even with his really bad hair cut because he gets to go to the barn again. Plus since we want him and Deliah right by us, they get treats when they come.

Hopefully in a couple more weeks he will be completely healed and it will be warm enough for him not to have to wear his blanket all the time.

See below for the pictures of the big injury.

three weeks
A week before the black was heavier on all areas, and the bruising was visible.

Five Weeks


Friday after PEMF and Light therapy


  1. Glad he's healing well. Looks like he had quite the ordeal! Poor little guy!

  2. Man that's an intense injury. So glad he's feeling better!