Monday, December 6, 2021

Foal Pool Prize

 As you all know Lauren from She Moved To Texas, won Roscoe's 2021 foal pool. She generously donated her gift card amount to a charity. So I really wanted her cross stitch to be special. 

Fortunately she has really great photos to choose from of Simon and her dogs. I ended up formatting something completely different than I had ever done. It has a level of depth and nuance I hoped would come through. I gave it to my sister to be transferred to the pattern and crossed my fingers. 

Amazingly it worked out to fit all my parameters. It did need every stitch completed to make it come together, but in the end we were happy. My sister found the perfect frame quickly, a process we normally go back and forth on multiple times.

We shipped it to Lauren and surprisingly it even arrived early. She was brought to tears, but in a good way. These prizes do not come quickly, though I do try to make them worth the wait.

Lauren, Simon and her dogs

I am not sure Roscoe will have a foal due next year. It was a rough year for mare owner's. Maybe we will do a pregnancy pool instead 🤔