Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Product review: Thermax Headliner

 Winter riding brings the need for warmth. For me my ears are one part that needs to stay warm or I am miserable. So years ago we found this headliner in the motorcycle section of our Marine Corps Exchange.


The liner is super thin, so it barely takes any room in your helmet. It is stretchy and can also be a balaclava or just a neck warmer.

It is sleek enough to wear at a show or clinic.

Just as many things the price has gone up over the years. It is still worth the $18 price tag. 

We just gifted one to our Magna Wave practioner and she was thrilled. She has a long walk to get to her lesson and was looking at something to keep her head warm.

I will warn that it holds heat really well, so it can get very warm using it in an indoor. It is durable, mine is still in great condition. 

Item:Seirus Thermax Headliner

Price: $18-$25 depends on retailer

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