Wednesday, March 27, 2024

2024 Foal Pool, Sorry so late

 Whew, time just flies sometimes. I feel like I have been sick on and off most of the winter.

Roscoe bred five mares and I know of three confirmed.

So here is the line up:

Bred 5/11/23 Fairy Gold aka Pixie (Welsh/WB)

Bred 5/18/23 Ashland Ginger Rose (Welsh Cob)

Bred 6/22/23 Maggie (Belgium/Arab) A chance for a Duncan 2.0

Duncan, finally showing his chrome

The basic's:

Guess the birth date
Guess the gender

Extra points for guessing chrome:

Coat Color 

Winner of each will get a $25 RW or store of choice gift card.

Overall Grand prize winner (points combined) will get the personalized cross stitch.


  1. This is so fun every year! I always lose, but I enjoy it anyway! Haha! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Fairy Gold: 4/30, Filly, Star, two socks, Buckskin

    Ashland Ginger Rose: 5/1, Colt, blaze, four socks, chestnut

    Maggie: 6/14, colt, stripe, 3 socks, chestnut

  2. I love these!
    Fairy Gold: buckskin, colt, May 9, star
    Ginger: bay, filly, 3 white socks, May 11, stripe
    Maggie: chestnut, filly, 4 white socks, star June 20, star

  3. Fairy Gold: 4/22, colt. Buckskin, 3 socks, blaze.

    Ginger Rose: 4/28, colt. Bay, 4 socks, blaze.

    Maggie: 6/20, colt. Chestnut, 2 socks, blaze.

    Going for bling and boys this year! 🤣

  4. Oh goody! (and I hope you are feeling better!)
    Fairy Gold: May 4, filly, buckskin, four socks, blaze
    Ginger: May 15, filly, bay, four socks, blaze
    Maggie: June 15, filly, chestnut, four socks, blaze

    Fillies with Flash!
    Betsy in WI

  5. Pixie - April 26, filly, chestnut, 2 socks 2 stockings, star
    Ginger Rose - May 2, colt, bay, 3 stockings, 1 sock, blaze
    Maggie - June 3, colt, chestnut, 4 stockings, blaze

    Aside - is Maggie one of the Asgard Arabian x Belgian crosses? I know several were floating around in VA.

    1. Not sure, I have not seen her papers. Her full name is LB Magnolia