Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Day Is It???

Ugh, I am on day 9 of inventory, with 4 more to go before a day off and the days are getting lost. I think I was last at the barn Friday or maybe it was Sunday. The only good thing was that those missing days were freaking cold so I did not miss out on riding.
I did miss Ember's first snow day, but I made my Mom get some pictures.

Daddy is photobombing
Little man got a clean bill from his fecal and is a Low Shedder. I think his round belly must have been a hay belly. He does manage to eat a bunch. Mom called to get coggins drawn for the older horses and the vet looked at him again today. Ember has gained 100 lbs since the last visit and has been cleared of the cold he brought with him.

Roscoe got a little extra vet attention since he still has not kicked the cold. Our yo-yo weather has not helped. The vet listened to his lungs and thought she heard something, but he coughed and cleared it. Since he has had it for awhile, she put him on SMZs. Luckily, he ate them in his dinner. Hopefully that will continue while Peggy is helping with the feedings.

Roscoe is feeling his oats as usual for this time of year. He took an unauthorized spin out with the girls before the vet. The girls told him that they were not interested. So he walked up to Mom and put his head down, like saying "You love me, right?"

Ah well I will get to see my ponies tomorrow. Maybe I will fit in another ride :) The only benefit to working so much is that the month will fly by. I can't wait for February.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Trail of Painted Ponies: Sherman

Even as we add new horses to our herd, you never forget your first, and that is true about Sherman. My Dad was a Marine for over twenty years, so we had a few moves in our family. When we moved to Virginia, the talk of getting a horse became more solid. My parents wanted a family horse that could babysit my siblings and step up for Mom and I. As we waited for the family horse, we leased an Arab mare and took care of other horses. One of those others, was Sherman. He was a blood bay, 7 yr old old style Morgan gelding about 15.2h. Sherman had a big presence and scared a lot of people. He had a tendency to make a run for the stall door too. But something about him connected with Mom. She could handle his quirks and he responded well to her.
So when the day came that his owners offered to sell him to Mom, she had a hard decision. Sherman was not a family horse. He came with tons of baggage and could not babysit. Still underneath that big presence was a horse who wanted a protector. And he called to her. In the end she took the chance and answered the call. My parents made payments on him until the $2000 bill was paid and he was officially ours. Okay Mom's with the understanding we could borrow him on occasion.
Sherman still had his quirks but they became more manageable. He liked to chew on old lead lines and we had to keep a shirt/coat Mom used to wear hanging by his stall as his calm item. At times we had to put a kick chain on him when he let his opinions known on the stall walls. Many times we received calls that Sherman was playing catch me if you can. He hated needles which made Coggins a fun process. Even the holistic vet would not use acupuncture needles with him, only the laser.

With his "dressage ring" star showing his path

Another part of Sherman was that he was a "Stelding" or "Stud-y." He would get excited to some extent over the mares, especially the dark girls. He had the cresty neck and well developed canines too. Only once though did he drag Mom to a mare. When Dottie came to live with us, she was all over him  and would have raging heats. That boy put off some pheromones. Little did we know he was prepping us for dealing with a little stud.
As big as his presence was, he actually was a bit of a chicken. He would prefer Barry to lead and clear any scary things out of the way. He also preferred to lead the herd gently. With his size a warning went far. His sense of fairness served the herd well. Though he was not a fan of men, he evolved over the years to let more people into his inner circle. Sherman would frisk anyone for treats, give kisses and remove hats if he could. Around Mom, he was protective.
Riding wise he excelled at dressage with his fancy movement, but could also jump. More than once I jumped him bareback. But you always had to have a bit. No bit meant no work to Sherman. When Barry retired, Sherman and I went on to compete in low level eventing. We received a second place ribbon our first trip out. Where Barry only saw the jumps, Sherman saw everything but making for a "green" looking round. He did eventually turn into a horse that could babysit and give lessons. Then turn around and play with half passes and beginner canter pirouettes. But even as he let others ride, he was always Mom's.
Valentine gift from Dad 

We joked that Dad was her husband, but Sherman was her sweetheart. So when we lost him July 2010, only two weeks after my Mom's birthday, to colic it was a serious blow. I had to find the right Painted Pony for this special horse. And as it always seems to happen the right pony was there: Sweetheart Pony.

The elegant dark horse who held my Mom's heart

Clock put together by a friend

Can you see why we went to the Cobs after owning him?

13 yr old me with 7 yr old Sherman

Still to this day Sherman stays with Mom. We chose cremation since we let him go during surgery, and he is in Mom's room. Sherman was an example of owning a horse that was not perfect, but taking the time to work through and in end having a wonderful journey. A horse communicator told Mom that she and Sherman had connected before and their relationship was meant to be. Mom taught him to put his foot on stuff during a layup and when he passed she said to just put his foot on something when he came back. I can't say he came back in Roscoe, but one of the first things Roscoe did was put his foot on the food bowl. I like to think Sherman was passing the baton to the next stud in our herd. Life cycles are amazing things. Sherman was a one of a kind Morgan and a perfect beginning to our herd.
January 7th 1988 - July 26th 2010

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Blog-a-versy and 2016 Review

Five years ago I sat down and started this blog never knowing it would expand my world. I love the connections I have made and the training records the blog provides.

So onto 2016, January:
This is a notoriously slow month for me because my job is all about inventory the whole month. We had a snowy interruption that kept me at the barn. The pictures were great though.

We dealt with Winston's puffy eyes and a surprise driving clinic. Plus this was the start of the Foal Pool.

Was a month of frustration, dealing with the tough side of owning a stallion, and the pain of getting kicked in the hand, and discovering Deliah's back issues.

Showers of tears, as we lost Sonny. Deliah got help with chiropractic and acupuncture.

Colt, Filly, Colt, Colt and Colt!!! Winner announced for Foal Pool. I fall off Roscoe, DaVinci gets bit by a snake, Winston turns 20yrs old and Rosemary turns 9 yrs old.

Alanna's prize, cross stitch of Emi

My baby turns 5yrs old and we go visit his foals.

Our one and only show happened, but it was a super hot one causing me to cancel my ridden classes. I also found out 2017 will bring another Roscoe baby.

We were shocked by the price of dental work, surprised by loose horses and amazed by a new tire cover for the trailer.

Another foal visit includes meeting Cob Jockey and Connor. Jumping Connor leads to jumping Roscoe. Baby Royal wins big at the National Welsh Show.

Roscoe shows he has been holding out on me and Ember comes home.

The month of coughing and snot :( Ember settles in, Dottie retires and Equinpilot reaches 500 posts.

Ember learns to pony and begins round pen work. Christmas gifts and the Blogger Gift exchange.
New portable panels 

Blogger gift 

My cross stitch gift for my blogger

The Red Boys, Our Castleberry Cobs

A funny shirt I gave my Dad

Alpaca hair horses

Cordless Clippers!!!

Abstract Dragon

Textured Heart

I ended the year with a ride on Comrade. He was amazing! He had so much push, I had to wonder if I should have put a saddle on. I guess he enjoyed his holiday break. Comrade reminded me of Connor, feeling like an educated pony.

 I may have an awesome show string next year going by my recent rides on Comrade and Rosemary. Roscoe is still not 100%, but he too is looking good.
Here's to 2017! Happy New Year everyone, be safe :)