Monday, May 29, 2023

Final 2023 Foal is a Filly!

 And of course just after I posted the last foal results, the last edition arrived early. For the first time ever Roscoe has two fillies in one year.

Meet Juliet's (Remember When) filly, SFW Pardon My Ffrench (Kahmee)

In a twist Kahmee has two socks and one stocking. Maybe a coronet, but I have not been able to see clearly. She also has a star, stripe, snip. Her owner is thrilled with all the traits Roscoe passed down. Kahmee keeps her mom running now that she has figured out those long legs.

Congrats to Liz! She has won this foal pool and the overall prize. Let me know if you have a specific picture(s) for your cross stitch or if you want me to put together something.

Thanks for participating this year everyone! We have one confirmed pregnancy so far for 2024.


  1. So unique with that one front stocking - I don't feel like I see that combination of white on legs often. It's quite striking.

    And omg YAY!! I have been so impressed with these cross stitches for YEARS and I am very excited to have one of my own! As for photos, I'm not sure! A headshot trio of Stan, Q, Grif would be really terrific. I have a cross stitch my late grandmother did of horse heads that, while very special to me because she made it, I have always wished was closer in color to my horses (it's got a palomino and a blood bay - so very *not* my three lol). As for specific reference photos...there are lots on my blog and my instagram @estout18 that should be helpful. Happy to talk more via email if need :-)

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm and energy in writing this blog