Monday, March 5, 2012

Comrade Video 2

At the beginning he is spooking at the sweat shirt on the fence, but then he starts to work. Griffyn, Kayla and Shadow are running around keeping things interesting.
Comrade still has a way to go, but for two rides a week he is doing great.


  1. That pony is adorable- and such a nice temperament!

    The dogs would drive me nuts though...

    1. Is'nt he :) That seems to be a consistent trait from the horses his breeder foals. He is the full brother to Jen's Connor (Castleberrys Contender) on Gives me hope for Roscoe.
      I barely notice my dogs, the corgis, anymore, but Shadow is so big and young he does get in the way. Plus Comrade and he play together in the fields so they are always going after each other even under saddle.