Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final Day

So today is the last day I will see my ponies for just over a week. Is it weird that I get a little choked up at the thought of not seeing my ponies?
 Anyway they were very picturesque when we drove up to the barn.
The grey boys had legs cocked and we snoozing with Roscoe flat out on the ground between them. The girls were both asleep on the ground, Rosemary in her customary curled up position and Dottie flat out. I love to see them that relaxed and happy. As we went up the driveway, Roscoe rolled up and looked and so did Rosemary. Dottie was still flat.
Mom and I drove two cars since I had to work. She asked if I saw Dottie roll up or not. I didn't. So, I went and opened the barn doors leading to the girls field. Still no movement from Dottie. I don't know if it is the bad few years we have had, but no response really gets my heart pumping. I started to walk out the where she was laying and called her name. Mentally I am saying "come on twitch an ear, flick your tail, MOVE."
Finally about halfway to her she casually rolls up, and looks at us like saying "whats the big deal." Okay now I can breathe. Then mom said "here take my phone and get a picture of them together." Well Dottie decided that she was not waiting for me to activate the camera, so no pictures of her laying down. If I get the other pictures with Rosemary laying down I will post them.
I did not have a lot of time, so I went to each of the ponies and told them to be nice to Peggy. DaVinci decided to go out in the girls field and eat dandelions and I had to go out to him. I told him to keep Roscoe in line and reassured him that we would be back. Mom and I both like to let the horses know when things change or if we will be gone awhile. I dragged myself away to change for work, but looked back to see him watching. This is when I really wish he would fit in my suitcase.

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