Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring forward time. I had one less hour on Sunday, but I managed to get 5 out 6 horses worked.
Comrade, I put in the balance system and worked him on the lunge. This served two ways: I got to see him move and he did not have to bear my weight. He was not as reactive along his back while grooming. While working I only saw a slight shortness in his right hind. He responded to my cues well and did what he could. Hopefully having this week off will be enough to get him back on track.
At my barn the boys greeted me with this:
Winston's ear and Roscoe and DaVinci playing

Roscoe and I did some work in hand. We had to have another conversation that when his halter is on it means it is time to work not play. We may have a teen aged boy that could run Roscoe in the shows. As long as Roscoe does not scare him off :)
DaVinci surprised me by seeming lazy, then giving me awesome work. I rode bareback and asked him for some shoulder in. Since he used to train 3rd level, he knows some of the fun stuff if you know how to ask for it. His shoulder ins were really good and he maintained them at the trot too. Going to the left I moved my leg back to the girth out of the shoulder in and he picked up a lovely canter. Of course I figured it must have been a fluke on my part, so I did it again. Same results. I swear it felt as good as having a great jump. To the right it was a little rougher due to me. I tend to lead with my left shoulder and effects my center especially to the right. Once I fixed myself we had another great transition.
Rosemary was still soft with the contact, so I increased the challenge by moving to uneven ground. Green horse and slight hills equal a really fun ride. She impressed me with how she learned to adapt. I did feel some funny things happening under me. Hard to describe and since I ride alone most of the time I had no eyes on the ground. So today I had mom ride her. It seems that Rosemary has picked up pacing. Really smooth, but not what you want in the dressage ring. She is better at the trot, though a running walk does show sometimes. At the walk it is completely obvious.
I researched how to stop pacing and transitions, pole work and bending lines came up. So I guess it is time to bring the poles out of winter storage. She did not pace before Roscoe was born. I wonder if she found pacing more comfortable during her pregnancy. I guess she figured we needed more challenge than just a barely backed green pony.
If anyone has any ideas to help Rosemary let me know. Rain is in the forecast so probably no riding tomorrow.

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