Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cool weather + Muzzle = Frisky Baby

I had planned to ride, but I got distracted by Roscoe playing with Winston. After this video he kept playing and moved on to DaVinci too. For some reason he thinks it is open season on Winston if the muzzle is on. Here are some pictures of the action that followed.

Ok how many rears did you count?


  1. ha ha thats so cute Roscoe is like just stand still ill figure out how to get it off of you!

  2. Somehow I don't think Winston minds too much. I loved the part where he rubbed his head on Roscoe's butt!

  3. Jessica, We keep waiting for him to get it off especially since he is bigger this year. Winston used to use DaVinci to pull it off and we had to braid his mane around the crown to hold it on.

    Smazourek, Your right. Winston can shut Roscoe down with a flick of a tail, so he was definitely playing along. The butt rub, he does that to DaVinci too. We can tell by the color of hair on the muzzle :)