Friday, May 24, 2013

Saying Good Bye

This time of month is hard for me. Next Wednesday marks 4yrs since I lost Barry. I thought I was doing okay this year even though I knew the time was here. Then a few things I read on other blogs tipped me over the edge and I got teary.

The happy side, reading about Jen and Connor rocking it at their first Horse Trial reminded me that Barry and I were once the "little pony" beating the big boys. I was so proud that my 13.3h Arab was defeating TB's and Warmbloods. We both endured the Dressage, so we could get to Cross Country and find the freedom of flying over those fences. He excelled at that stage and I was golden once we got over the first jump. In stadium, I blessed his past barrel racing when we made tight inside turns and finished clear. So as I cheer on Jen for her success a part of me mourns the loss of that connection with Barry. Something amazing happens when you ride the right horse on a Cross Country course.

Our Blue Ribbon Dressage ride led to winning the whole event.
Focus: Barry only cared about the jumps and never got distracted

The sad side, reading about the loss of Carlos at Viva Carlos. I know the loss was not sudden or surprising, but it was still a hard decision to make. No one wants to decide, but as owners we have to take the long term comfort of our horses into consideration. I feel for her and am glad she had the time to say good bye. Since Barry was taken by lightning, that is my biggest regret, not being there with him. Some may think not having to decide is easier, but I can honestly say it is not.

Barry: June 19th 1982 - May 29th 2009

Barry was "THE ONE" and I had 13yrs, 4 of those he was retired, with him and I wish I had more. So with the horses I have now, I take advantage of the technology available. Pictures and videos galore. Horses enrich our lives while they are here and live on in memories after they are gone. As hard as it is to say good bye, I would not trade the experience of having a horse for anything.

Hug your ponies and enjoy the gifts they give us everyday.


  1. Thank you, and what a good reminder. They are really with us for such a short time and anything can happen.

  2. So sorry. He sounded like an amazing boy!!

  3. He definitely sounds like he was the horse of a lifetime.

  4. It's never easy. They touch us so deeply.