Wednesday, May 1, 2013

YAY!!! He is Home.

I got the call yesterday from the breeder that the mare was not ready yet. Jackpot that means he comes home.
Today we made the drive to pick him up. Luckily for us it is the first sunny day we have had in a while. The barn doors were closed when we got there blocking a view of Roscoe, but we could see Saphiro peeking through the bars on his window. I (gulp) paid the bill and chatted with the receptionist. She was impressed with his movement. He put on a show when turned out. Then she said "He should learn to drive." We told her it was in the plans.
Then it was time to see the boy. The barn manager told us he gave Roscoe a bath. I laughed and asked if he was good. Surprisingly, he said Roscoe was spooky about the shadows in the wash stall, but otherwise was great. Not surprising, Roscoe was covered in sawdust. The manager walked him at to the trailer. I could tell he had dropped a few pounds and his eyes were a little shell shocked. Mom said it reminded her of when her brother came home from Boot Camp. He did have his final round of training and collection that morning, so that could account for the look. Roscoe nearly walked onto the trailer with the manager, but kept looking toward me. Once I took the lead he walked right on. Time to go home.
At home he focused on grass first, then the boys and then the girls took his complete attention. He was much better for us than I expected. Roscoe remembered his training and our expectations. All good signs. We decided to let him go out with the boys first to burn off some energy before bringing them all in for their meal. This time would determine whether the horses went on dry lot or got muzzled for pasture, including Roscoe for the first time. After a bit we decided on dry lot, so he could chill and decompress.
DaVinci stuck closely to him, checking him out and resetting the rules. Both boys knew he was different and they made sure he knew it did not change his position in the herd. He made sure to check in with his mother, such a good boy. Roscoe's eyes came back to what we know and love. I could see the stress leaving him as he yawned and moved around the turn out. 
Later in his stall he inhaled some free choice minerals and played with his ball. They all ate their meal, then cocked legs and went to sleep. Rosemary was so at peace now that her baby was home. As much as I would have loved to spend more time with them, I had to go to work and Mom had to go visit her new grandchild.
And this time, Dottie decided to tease Roscoe. She is in season and acting the complete whore. Roscoe is like "I know what that means now." Am I mean because I thought it was great he got zapped by the hot wire trying to get to Dottie?  Gotta love good fences and hot wire. We knew the true test would be when the girls came into season this year. So far, so good.
Time for pictures:
Roscoe freshly bathed. Anyone want to come pull that wild mane?

Visiting Mom, with her beautiful neck and muzzle over her ear.

See how tucked up he is?

Conferring with DaVinci

Getting a rule refresher from Winston. A squeal soon followed.


  1. Glad he's home! He looks a little like 'whoa, I've seen some things guys!'

    1. Me too! He defintely learned how good home actually is, but he does wonder why he can't play with the girls.