Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elvis Moves by Winston

Our horses all know they have to "work" for treats. Work includes stretches, picking up feet, putting heads down and clicker training. Well Winston does this thing with his legs when he is trying to decide what trick to do. He gets wobbly legs and moves side to side. You can see his chest jumping. I call it his Elvis legs. We have not been able to get video of it...until today. Not his best moves, but you can see some of it.
Winston's moves

Poor boy is getting bored being stuck in the stall. He stood for a little while after we videoed his  walk again just watching the other horses. Then he checked out the handsome pony, ha ha, in the reflection of the truck and looked in the truck bed.

And here is the video of his walk today: Winston 5-15-13

As for show news, Roscoe will have another colt to compete against for Champion. Then he will go against a filly and a 3yr old mare for Grand Champion. The 3yr old mare wins everything normally, so this will be for experience rather than winning. Roscoe is still skinny, so it will take a judge with vision to see beyond his lightness. Should be interesting. Comrade on the other hand will be all by himself until he goes up against the other sections. One of the judges actually bred Comrade's (and Connor's) sire, *Tuscani Dundee. Wonder how she will like Comrade? Unlike Roscoe, Comrade is super fat. To the point, I asked Peggy to rinse his hay and she said she would try to ride him more during the week. I do not want him to go the way of Winston. Roscoe got his face trimmed today so he has time to smooth out any blade marks. Bath time will come Friday. Now to decide whether to bring Roscoe to Peggy's and use her hot water or make him deal with our own cold water. I guess the weather will make the decision.


  1. I'm sure the judge will see past Roscoe's lightness!

  2. Good luck! Im Roscoe will go really well.

  3. Winston is adorable. Good luck with Roscoe!