Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Fling 2013

After an insane show prep day, the show day dawned with ominous clouds. Fortunately, we did leave the boys in overnight. By 630 am we had them loaded and headed to Front Royal.
Bundled in coats, we checked the ponies in and got our numbers. Then we went to unload. Roscoe was looking out his door when a mare walked by and pooped. Cue crazy stallion. He called, shook up the trailer and even pulled hard enough to engage the safety release on the trailer tie. Oh, boy this could be fun.
Roscoe's breeder, Lisa, jumped into the trailer and gave him a talking to before we unloaded. They both headed off for a "remember me and my rules," walk. She did not get to have that talk the day before, so this was her only chance. Peggy took charge of Comrade and Mom and I  went between both boys. We ended up parking right next to the people who own the two section C yearlings who would compete against Roscoe. They were asking questions about handling Roscoe since one of theirs is a colt. I love the friendly, openness of the Welsh owners.
Soon the time came to head to the show arena. We decided to bring Roscoe to the upper arena where we could shut the gate before putting on his bridle. Plus it was away from the other ponies. Between Mom and Lisa they got him bridled with only a few reminders to pay attention. I was so happy Lisa was there to handle him. Our previous ground work and ERC's stallion training really paid off. He had his moments, but Lisa was able to regain his attention. He did flash his studly parts to make sure everyone knew he was a stallion. Gotta love a 2 yr old.
Onto the show ring.
Roscoe was so good. Lisa trotted him in and around then halted for the judges. The pony that always stands hip shot when I handle him, was posing and posturing for Lisa. She brings out the showman in him. The same thing happened last year when she showed Rosemary. People still remember Rosemary from that show. Great handlers are amazing. Over the three times Roscoe went into the arena, he never reared and really never completely lost control. Lisa worked hard focusing him and reminding him to mind his space. His final morning class was Grand Champion Cob and included the section C filly and 3 yr old mare. And Roscoe was standing right in between both of them. No problem, he actually even deflated a bit. I guess going to shows since he was 3 months old is finally paying off.
The results were not unexpected: Roscoe was Champion C/D Colt and Reserve Grand Champion Cob. We knew he would not beat the 3 yr old mare, who has been winning a lot this year. We won because our pony behaved better than expected.
Comrade's class followed and he was the lone C/D Cob gelding. He still needed to show off and be memorable to the judges for the later class. He got comments that he was the best Cob and that he is awesome. He also got fat and chunky comments. One judge even manipulated his crest. So many people admired him even as fat as he is. I do not blame them, he is an amazing example of a Cob. Before we got Rosemary, he was the standard I judged others by and none measured up to his level.
After that class we were done until the Supreme classes. So we headed back to the upper arena to put Roscoe back in his halter. He still had his moments of calling and posturing to girls but they got easier to redirect as the day went on. Because the weather was still threatening rain, we loaded them back onto the trailer for the long wait. To help Roscoe we kept his door closed. Both boys ate and snoozed, while some crazy ponies were kicking the hell out of the trailer next to us. I wanted to hug my boy and say "Thank you for being a wonderful patient pony."

We set up our chairs and settled. We chatted with other owners and riders and happily received compliments for the boys. One rider, who could not show because the judge owned the horse she normally competed, came and said how much she liked/Comrade. I reminded her that we rode in the same Ridden Welsh class last year. I said " he was the one bucking," and that brought the memory back for her. She also said that given time to grow, /Roscoe will be stellar too. Lisa showed off his video and chatted more with her. Later Lisa told Peggy that the rider said she would love to ride Comrade. Of course she said yes. I said as long as I am there. That will be something to look forward to.
While we were waiting it started sprinkling, so we put up the gazebo we brought. Mom's bright idea was one to always have. Soon after that we had to get the boys dressed again. The upper arena was in use, so Roscoe got dressed in the trailer. Then we had two ponies ready to go and it was not time yet. So Mom and Peggy walked them under the gazebo. Our Cobs did not even bat an eye at what they asked.

The rain stopped in time for the Supreme classes. First up was Comrade in all his chunky glory. We figured he had a good chance of winning something. What he won was Supreme Champion Gelding under BOTH judges. That was against the A and B geldings and a meaningful win. Comrade paid for his show fees, our lunch and even part of the chickens Peggy bought with the prize money he won. Not a bad result considering he was not supposed to do breed classes. Originally he was only doing Ridden Welsh.
Then it was Roscoe's turn. We knew he had no chance of winning, but the experience was worth the time. By this point, Roscoe was BORED. He was acting up, not standing still just to get corrected. Roscoe loves to work and standing still does not fulfill his need. Over all he was well behaved. As Mom put it, "he saved his balls with good behavior." Crude but true. I want a performance pony more than a stallion, so his studly longevity depends on his manageability.
And to totally prove how well behaved Roscoe was, back at the trailer Lisa was so excited about Comrade's win and wanted pictures, she dropped Roscoe's lead line and walked to Comrade. It took me a second to pick up my jaw and reach for the lead. I said, "Lisa you just dropped the Colt!!!" Roscoe just stood there. Ah our boy is great.
Now for pictures:

Castleberrys Comrade with Lisa and the Judges, Cob Gelding Class

Run Pony

See what Lisa gets out of him?

Both the judges liked Comrade's long mane, which Lisa hates. I laughed when they admired it.

Proud breeder with Double Supreme Champion Gelding

Roscoe's turn

Cob 2+  year Colt class

Me taking pictures of a great subject

Section C 3yr old mare and Sec C yearling Colt with Roscoe in Grand Champion Cob Class

Rotten Roscoe and Lisa says "talk to the hand"

Practicing Piaffe when bored during Supreme Welsh Class

Castleberrys ReFflection and Lisa his breeder


  1. What fantastic results!! Sounds like it turned out to be an amazing show. Congrats!!!

  2. Congrats to you and the two handsome boys!

  3. Great job! You should be pleased as punch :)