Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Rosemary!!!

Our beautiful girl turns 6 years old today.

Yes that's me the beautiful one :)
Almost 3yrs ago a pale, knocked up version of her came into our lives. She fit right into our herd and began our journey into fields of the horse world where we had never been before. Pregnancy, birthing and a frisky foal later, she is no longer a pale version. Rosemary is full of life and opinions. She has established herself as the barn monitor and lets us know, loudly, when a horse is missing from the barn especially if it is her girl friend Dottie. At 14h she pushes around the 16h appie to protect her friend.
She keeps us on our toes with her theatrics, but life would be so dull with out her. Love this pony!

And to think we ended up with this pony because her breeder believed her to be lame and sold her as a broodmare. She is now trained to drive and is starting more work under saddle. For us it was the right time and the right pony.