Sunday, June 17, 2012

Driving, Riding, Eating... PARTY

We decided  while sitting around for hours at the Welsh show last month that we, my family and Peggy and Larry, would do a cook out to celebrate a year with Roscoe. So this Saturday, instead of going to the Eastern National Welsh show, we hauled Rosemary and Dottie (yes Roscoe did not get to go to his own party) over to Peggy's for what turned out to be an awesome weekend.
When we arrived, the girls went out in one of Peggy's turn outs. Rosemary delighted in showing Dottie where the trough was and the run in and the boys.
We went about getting the food ready and waiting for Dad and my sister to show up. The dogs provided entertainment. Little Griffyn vs Large Shadow,

Shadow lays down to give Griffyn a chance.

Play stopped when Dad came and he and Larry went to grill the meat. Dog noses followed the meat tray.
Male bonding. Fire, meat conversation
When the food was finally ready, the dogs tried really hard to say they were starving.

Nothing better than a good meal with friends and family. Well maybe driving and riding with friends.
After the meal, while the men talked the ladies headed to hook up Rosemary for Peggy to drive. We used her headstall and Peggy's brown harness. Rosemary was a superstar. She was able to trot and make the turns in the arena. Three weeks ago she could barely trot in the same arena. Peggy had a lot of fun driving.
Shadow and Griffyn decided they wanted a ride.
As Peggy and I were unhooking Rosemary from the cart, we could not figure out why we had to work so hard to push the cart off her. The answer...
We all just laughed.

After a lovely desert of coconut cake, chocolate cake and pudding pie with a wine toast the four girls went for a ride. This would be my sisters first trail ride. Unfortunately she was a bit nervous since earlier in the week Dottie bucked with her college girl. Since it was later, the light was going and the pictures did not come out well. We did a short ride to give my sister a taste. Once we got the right order, Rosemary then Dottie then Comrade followed by Addie, the ride smoothed out. All our ponies were great.
We were all having fun and did not want to leave, so we decided the girls could spend the night and go home on Sunday. Dogs, people I think we were all exhausted.

Sunday dawned another beautiful day. We met Peggy in the morning. The girls survived the night and did not work over Larry too much. He is a sucker for mares.
Again we tacked the ponies and went for a longer trail ride. With out my sister we could go on a more difficult path. Comrade took care of Peggy, Rosemary worked her butt off and Dottie was in heaven. The unplanned overnighter turned out to be a great idea. And we got a better picture.
Left: Mom and Rosemary, Peggy and Comrade, Me and Dottie

DaVinci did scold us for not telling him the girls were staying out all night. He had sleepy eyes today, so I think he was waiting for them to come home.
Tomorrow weather permitting, Dottie's college girl will be trying to ride him. Their first attempt did not go well so she backed off and waited for us to be there. Should be interesting.

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