Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rosemary Driving Training part 6

What a gorgeous day. At the rain finished yesterday so we could train today.
It started well, Rosemary got on the trailer with the help of a banana. That girl loves bananas, peel and all.
Rosemary wore the same harness, but we used our headstall with her bit from her riding bridle. (three piece korsteel snaffle) The cart from last week was a snug fit so the trainer brought out a bigger cart. While she gathered the parts and pieces needed, Mom ground drove her around the arena. Gradually she focused and got down to work. We can tell when she settles because she goes from stomping her feet to a nice open walk.
It took us a little bit of time to hook her up to this cart causing Rosemary to wiggle. Finally all the pieces were in place and she could go to work. This is the point when the video starts.
She was much more comfortable trotting this time than she was a couple weeks ago. She handled the turns like they were nothing. As the session went on she even got some suspension to her trot. I cannot wait until she learns to really push.
The trainer thought that trotting was Rosemary's niche. Makes sense since Cobs are trotters. She felt that Rosemary had no issues with the cart or harness and drum roll please... the bit was the right one. Nice to know we have been riding her in a bit she likes. Now we need another.
The trainer ended by checking Rosemary's memory by asking her to back the cart. Rosemary gave a couple steps back and moved forward and halted when asked. All of us were thrilled.
Next week Mom will drive her with the trainer in the cart to help her. The trainer believes Mom can handle Rosemary which is a good recommendation. We shall see.