Friday, June 22, 2012

Locks of Love

3 yrs ago I decided to grow my hair out to donate. My decision was for two reasons.

First, almost 16yrs ago my sister was diagnosed with Alopecia. This is an auto immune disease where the body attacks it's own hair follicles. Hair loss can be in areas or total. My sister always had gorgeous long, red hair so when she began getting bald spots, the change was noticeable. Unfortunately, she did not get a wig in time and had to face high school. I watched my sister's strength be tested each day her hair continued to fall out. Eventually my parents were able to buy her a wig similar to her own hair color. Traditional wigs are not that comfortable or secure. After a while she went to wearing hats, scarves or bandannas. Now she has a great collection to match her wardrobe.

Second, during this time we had so many vet bills and more came the next year. By growing my hair out, I could lengthen the time between my hair appointments and cut my bill in half. A little savings that helped in the overall financial situation.

Years after, too late for my sister, we found a foundation that provides real hair wigs for people up to age 18. Locks of Love takes donations to make wigs made for kids. These wigs fit better and are more comfortable giving the wearer more confidence. What is great, is that many of the donors are children. Anyone can donate if they meet the minimum rules, at least 10 inches and no bleached hair.

So now 3 yrs of growth has given me, I think, about 11 inches. Most likely in the fall I will make the cut. Until then I have to figure out how to deal with the length. When I bought my current helmet my hair was shorter and my stylist thinned it some. With all my hair now it makes a tighter fit. I have never been able to get all my hair under my helmet. I am always impressed when I see people that can. Braiding has become my main method of containment in the heat wave we have been having.
I will get a better picture before I cut it
If anyone is thinking about going shorter, think about donating. About six donations are needed to make one wig. And yes they do take grey hair too. They sell the grey or shorter hairs to fund making the wigs, so every little bit helps.

Back to horsey news tomorrow. They have been melting in the heat and enjoying their fans. For everyone showing this weekend, Good Luck and drink lots of fluids.


  1. thats a fantastic thing your doing! <3

  2. I donated my hair when I was in high school. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

    1. That's great. My cousin and her daughter have done it a couple of times and my sister in law did it once after she had my niece.
      I set the date for about 9 weeks. The heat has driven me to make the cut :)