Friday, October 11, 2013

New Clothes

I seem to be following the blog theme, Blankets. I admit we are are the crazy owners who have tons of blankets. Mostly we blanket for our sake, a cleaner horse is easier to tack, but over the years the horses have come to appreciate the practice.
With the rain that has been a persistent part of the last days, it was time for the turn out sheets. Earlier this year I found Weatherbeeta on sale. So the girls got new sheets. Only fair since last year the boys all got new ones.

Dottie's was damaged after five years of use and was not my favorite because it had a mesh liner. I hate those mesh liners especially on a size 81 blanket. Rosemary's was a hand me down from Barry and bore little bite marks compliments of Winston.
I have reached the point where I only buy Weatherbeeta and just deal with what it looks like. I lucked out with getting the boys navy blue. The girls on the other hand ended up with blue bubbles. Not horrible, but it definitely stands out against their dark coats.

Eye Catching :)

Love the freestyle shoulder

Depth that covers Dottie's belly, plus a close up of that pattern
The best part is these have the slicker liner instead of mesh. Too bad they will never look this good again.
Roscoe has also graduated to a bigger sheet, though his is a hand me down. He is longer, but still narrow which makes fitting him difficult. Luckily we found a Schneider's adjust-a-neck sheet in our spares box. The adjustable neck allows us to make it work for his narrow frame. Mom has had to insert darts into blanket necks in the past so having one ready to go is a Bonus. The down side, it needs to be rewaterproofed. A few cans of waterproofing from the camping area will help that problem. In the mean time I had to open up his old sheet and hope that it would work. His butt shows just a bit, but otherwise it is good.
Next on the blanket hunt will be a new Mid-weight for Winston. His slimmer figure will be swimming in his old clothes.
As for other news, Comrade is down to small hives after getting the holistic treatment of Apis Mellifica (?). Peggy will probably do a consult to see about getting him on a personalized treatment, since he has worsened each year.
Jenna's situation is still a pain in the ass. With the rain her owner is leaving her in the stall over night. That mare is the nastiest horse ever in a stall. Let me say that I do not even volunteer to help her clean. There is an end in sight though. The barn manager found a little run in, but we have to wait for the paddock to dry out from all this rain before it can be delivered.
And due to the damn rain, no riding. Peggy and I did do a mini road trip to Farnely Farms to drop off a saddle. We pulled up and saw tons of ponies and cows and even a friendly barn cat, but no people. Other than one sign showing parking, we could not see a main barn or anything. In the rain the old buildings gave it a creepy, spooky movie feel. So we went door knocking. If you can believe it, Peggy said the door opened on its own as she knocked. She quickly moved back to wait for an answer. Surprise, the lady was someone we knew from the Welsh shows answered. Of course, she was like "Did you look in the Barn?" So no real help. We went back to the parking area and eventually the guy showed up. Then to add to the spookiness, he poofed after we gave him the saddle. We did not see where he went. So not what we expected of Farnely Farms, but worth the trip to see.

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