Friday, January 17, 2014

Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

Since I am sick, again and tired from working 15 days straight, I am joining the Blog Hop.

Our barn is a converted cow barn over 100yrs old. When we moved in, there were still feeding troughs in the stalls and a cow run. After a ton of work the barn now has 6 stalls for horses and 1 stall for hay or extras. The largest stall, Roscoe's, is about 10x16 and the others are about 10x 13. Two of the stalls, originally Barry and Shermans, have two fans secured to the ceiling, while the others have one fan each. We have plugs by them so we can used heated buckets in the winter. I love the open stalls and bars between. Horses can be claustrophobic so that really helps.

We have a tack room that runs nearly the length of one side of the barn across from the girls stalls. Inside we have a day bed, table and chairs, cabinets, 8 saddles, 6 bridles, driving harness, bench, dog beds and a dog crate. It is about to be reorganized to better use the space.

In addition to the tackroom we have a feed room and a storage room. My dad recently renovated the feed room so we have more cupboards and counter space. It is a narrow so space is a premium. We lost some room when the appy came over.

 We have a fridge, microwave and our tea pot. The doors on the cupboards are painted with chalkboard so we can leave instructions easily.

Outside we have two huge fields probably about 3 acres each. Then we have two areas we use as sacrifice or fat pens during the summer. They are mud slicks right now :( In the big sacrifice area there is an "L" shaped run in which connects to the other barn on the property.
In the smaller area there is a typical run in.
We are  able to rotate which field the boys get and which the girls get. There is one really small area that we used when Winston could not go out on grass at all. It connects to the barn giving him some outside time.Gates allow us to play with access.
Our riding area is an open field we keep mowed. We picked out a spot a little higher so the rain drains off. Over the years we have mapped a dressage, small and full, out in the grass. We used to mow the edges, but recently have gone to letting the grass get long to create a natural edge. It works because when we drive we can still go through the ring with the cart. The edge is enough of a visual aid that the horses respect it. We have room outside the dressage area to set up jumps or poles. Having room to move made all the difference in not only my riding,but my horses movement too. Sometimes rings can be so confining.
In addition to the field we ride in there is also two ponds and farmers fields we can ride around. That is one of my favorite aspects of this property.

This is as close to having our own place as we can get right now. Next will be seeing if we can own our own barn. Something to hope for.


  1. Nice! The chalkboard cupboards are cool!

  2. You have a really nice setup, and I love the chalkboard cupboards too! You're right about the ring feeling confining, I had that conversation with Lisa when I first got Connor. He was so good about cantering in the open field but so behind my leg in the ring, and she said something to the effect of they're smart enough to know they're not really going to go anywhere in the ring. I don't so much have that problem anymore, but it took work to overcome it, that's for sure.

  3. Thanks! After nearly 12yrs here we have fine tuned a lot. Jen your right about the Cobs knowing area limits. It was the same with Barry and Sherman. Now I know when I am in an arena, they can give more and I ask for it.