Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where There is a Will,

There is a way. My dad sent me this picture and explanation a while ago, but it was recently posted to my Facebook page.
The story is that a farmer was denied the necessary permits to build a shelter. So instead he built a table and chairs, which do not require a permit. He found a way around crazy rules and accomplished his goal in the end. Plus he has a great conversation starter.

Well Cobs are like this farmer. You say no and they find a way around the restriction or through in some cases. Roscoe and Rosemary both have a family history, Comrade too listening to Jen. Almost 3 years ago when we brought Rosemary to Peggy's before Roscoe was born, Comrade's oral talent began to develop. When Roscoe was born the boys were so fascinated by him, we would find them loose in the barn. A certain pony found that he could manipulate the slide door latch allowing for freedom. I woke to hoof beats many a time during the two weeks after he was barn.

So attempt one to contain the pony: double end snap.
Comrade's response "Child's play" out in no time

Attempt two: key hole clip
Comrade's response "Hmm a challenge" but only lasted a few days

Attempt three: putting another slide latch or hook lower on the door.
Comrade's response "Why won't the door open, I undid the {upper} latch?" SUCCESS!
Also used was the C shaped quick link, screwed to keep the latch secure. This worked well.

For a while that system worked as long as the main and backup were used. Then Comrade figured out that Addie's door is open to the barn aisle at night. All the stalls have dutch doors to the turnout and single door to the aisle. With Comrade on dry lot to lose weight, he had plenty of time to figure out a plan.
Peggy started finding the horses loose in the barn and Comrade having dumped everything out of the trash. Since Addie's outside door only had a key hole, she added the quick link. End of problem right?
Ha, nope. Comrade showed that he had indeed figured out the quick link. Peggy found it on the ground after he ponies greeted her at the barn entrance. That is some serious oral skills that pony has. I think getting him healthy has improved his problem solving in addition to his movement.
The next attempt Peggy tried was putting lower latches on the inside of the dutch door. I think Comrade sees this stuff as new puzzles. This lasted a few weeks before he or Addie figured out how to undo the inner latch.
When I was last there, Peggy had installed a lower latch on the outside of the dutch door hoping Comrade would not figure out to look lower. Verdicts still out on whether it works or not.
The latch/ clip mastermind :)

If he did not make a mess of the barn it probably would not be such an issue. He sure keeps Peggy's brain sharp though.
We survived the crazy cold weather and are enjoying 30's now. I hope we stay that way awhile. Stay warm everyone.


  1. Smart horse!! That is some serious brain power :)

  2. I agree with Allison - that horse has some brains :)