Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chiropractic Revelations

What a great day today was. It was warm, I finally got real work done at the barn and I got to ride Comrade. During the week Comrade had his second session with the chiropractor. Peggy told me about the visit as we chipped him out of his hard mud coat.
The vet thinks Comrade may have some arthritis in his neck. I am not too surprised because I have always felt a blockage in that area and he did not use his neck in the walk or canter. She does not feel he is at a point where he needs shots. The joint medication is doing fine for now.
This visit Comrade realized she was helping him and did not fight what she was trying to achieve. He even helped her at points. I have heard that before from when our vet used to work on Barry and Sherman. Animals are easier to work on than humans because of that attribute. From the sound of it much of what the vet did is similar to the stretch work we do with our horses. The difference is, she has the knowledge of a horses body and how to push or pull.
He responded more to the tail pulls this time and she worked to get him to touch his hip on both sides. Left side, not much of an issue. The right side she had to work his neck, pop, pop before he was even able to go past his shoulder. He did in the end touch his hip. Such simple exercises that show so much.
After hearing the recap, I really wanted to see how he worked. Unfortunately it was too dark to get any video. So was there a difference? Oh YES, right from the walk. He felt free and he started using his head and neck in his walk. Plus he was more engaged overall. At the trot he had suspension, to the point of feeling bouncy :) He still tried to get fast to the right at times, but he needs to build that muscle. His canter work was great too. To the left we even managed a canter spiral. He tried to the right but could not carry it. I ended letting him open up down the long sides, getting off his back. Then I had Peggy get on so she could feel the change too.
Now we get to see how he maintains. He has another appointment next month.

Switching gears here are the 3 pictures I sent in for the photo contest that will take place at the Welsh annual meeting:
In the "Selfie" category
In the "Stepping Out" category
In the "Life is Good" category

Hope everyone enjoys this weather while it lasts :)

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