Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Egg Alternative

Well it seems that one of my mares has decided to start egg laying. If only! I walked out to their field to spread hay and I spied this:

In a brown field it stood out really well. I knew right away it was an egg, but of course I had to shake it just to be sure. Poor sucker was totally frozen. Only a dull thud, thud as something moved side to side within.
I had to share with Peggy who has chickens. I told her that my girls lay bigger eggs :) She said her girls would definitely cackle over that one.

All fun aside, we are still baffled how it got into the field. We figure it is an Emu egg, since there is a farm just down the road and across the railroad tracks. I seriously doubt one escaped, came to visit the girls and left an egg, then went home. Something, big, must have picked it up and brought it over. Pretty amazing it survived the trip as well as Dottie's feet.

Otherwise things have been same old stuff, me sick and more winter weather coming. I did crawl on Comrade bareback. After a conversation to remind him that even sick I am the boss, he proceeded to take very good care of me on a walk in the woods. Gotta love that pony.

Ah well back to work for me.