Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Workout

Well we finally got hit with some bigger amounts of snow.At home we got about a foot. The barn amounts are a little harder to tell with the drifting. Mom and I had to clear four wheelbarrow loads of snow out of the aisle. That much blew in. All the horses handled the snow great and enjoyed the choice of staying in a run in or wandering about.
Dogs exploring the deck at home

Girls walking in from the Big Run In

Leg Lifts

Boys got less snow in their area

The worst part was that the plow broke, so the barn owners did not clear the parking area. Talk about chaos when all of us boarders showed up with no where to park. Mom and I ended up shoveling snow Saturday so that we had parking, which meant we could stop driving the big truck. Gas is too expensive to drive that truck on a regular basis. Two hours with a wheelbarrow, muck fork and a shovel and we had the area cleared. What kills us is that they own a snow blower, but only did a path to each barn and the driveway hill. Great workout though.
Walking through the snow makes me and my short ponies work too. Gradually I started putting their hay further and further out into the snow. Might as well take advantage of exercise provided by Mother Nature. We make it a little easier on us, by using a sleigh to bring hay out. Pop a bale on and drag it out. Works like a charm.

Sleigh and Deliah trying to follow in my foot steps

Deliah and Bailey on the sleigh with Griffyn on the side

Today I was determined to ride. I LOVE to ride in the snow, especially if there is any kind of depth. I put the bareback pad on Rosemary and headed out. She has been asking to work for a few days now, so I gave it to her. Being the shortest, she worked just walking in the arena's untouched snow. I did do some trot circles, and she handled the work super well. Bareback I had no issues sitting on her. Love that pony :) Then I decided to go back to walk and work her mind with some lateral work. This is still new to her, but today I felt the cross over in the leg yields. Thank you deep snow. It slowed her down enough to be truer in the lateral movement. I was really impressed with her. And to top it off, the deep snow let Deliah be able to jump up and put her paws on  Rosemary's belly. Pony girl just stood there, not worried at all.

Short pony plus a snow drift equals hard work

Happy girl, both of us

Griffyn support

Deliah following closely
Super day overall. Now if only I can kick this chest cold, things would really improve.


  1. Enjoyed running across another Virginian in the blogosphere.

    1. Yay, a first for me. Great to hear from you.