Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog Hop: Where Did That Come From?

Every spring when DaVinci sheds out, I am amazed at the scars on his body. His previous owners bought him at auction, so his history is unknown. I can't remember if he had some of these marks before he went to CA or not.
One is really interesting. It is a diagonal line about 14 inches long going from his ribs up to his hip on the left side. Can you just picture what this looked like after it happened? Gives me chills.
Pardon my out of shape butt, we are working on it.
Look at about two inches down from his pointy butt and you will see where the uppermost point is.

I always imagine that claustrophobic DaVinci tried to escape by going under something unforgiving or rubbing on something sharp. Then he probably was not treated with medicines to help hair regrowth. Maybe he was trying to connect his freckles :) The mark does not bother him at all, but it always gets me thinking.
Our horses sometimes live crazy lives before they come to us. If only they could share their stories.

Anyone else have unknown scars or marks? Or even interesting ones.

1. Equinpilot


  1. I would hop, but Connor has none! The line is really interesting, what a strange scar to have. You wish they could talk and tell their stories.

  2. Shy has been getting white spots on her. It's strange.