Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fabulous Red Boy

This will be a short brag. Roscoe and I went for a walk/jog on trail. He was super. He walked over all the jumps that I led him over and he even went over ones I did not expect him to. At one point I was standing on the downed tree, rubbing him when he decided he could go over that log too. When I asked him to trot next to me while I jogged, Roscoe stayed with my SLOW pace. Mom worried about him acting up and hurting my hand since he has been questionable in the arena, but they were no problems. And to cap it off, he even went over the blue barrels. His split legged look was funny and I figured he would back off of it. Instead he rounded and popped right over. I guess the little man needed a change of scenery.
Here is a video of him trimming trees. He also enjoys battling prickers to get to raspberry leaves. Not sure I love the scratched nose look though.

And for those thinking the Red Boy was Comrade, he is doing great as well. Contact and Connection work is coming back to him with the addition of being more forward after all our pace work. I still can't do long rides, but I have seem improvement in my hand since I have been really conservative. Hopefully it is healed by the Welsh show next month.

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