Saturday, October 11, 2014

CPEAP Trivia Answers and Results

Today is the day for answers and results. First up the answers:

1. When was the Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs started? May 2006

2. What are at least 3 benefits of equine assisted therapy?
  • Improves center of balance
  • Improves efficiency in use and adaptation to prosthesis
  • Improves core muscle groups
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment and well-being
  • Improves mental and emotional outlook

  • 3. Students complete _____ ______ twice each lesson which helps record the therapeutic effects.
    anxiety survey

    4. This picture shows on important facet of the program. What is it?
    soldiers helping soldiers

    Bonus (answer not found on the website, must think about it)
    Recently arena letters were purchased for the program. Why did fence letters work better than letters on cones?
    Looking downwards could exacerbate the balance issues many of the Wounded Warriors battle so fence letters allow them to keep their eyes up.

    Eventing In Color's bonus questions:

    1. Who leads the horses during the sessions?
    2. What kinds of horses are used in the program?
    Percheron draft and draft-cross horses of the Caisson Platoon

    I hope you all enjoyed looking at the CPEAP site to find the answers. If anyone is in the DC area, you can see a CPEAP exhibition Friday during the Washington International Horse Show.
    Happy Birthday!!!

    And in an interesting twist of fate, I learned that today is Larry's (co founder of CPEAP) birthday. He told me today that everyone entered could receive a shirt.
    So instead of drawing for a winner, I drew for order of picking sizes.
    Sizes available are: M (4), L(5), XL(5)
    Size (U.S.) Size Bust
     M 8-10 34"- 36"
    L 12-14 38"- 40"
    XL 16-18 40"- 42"
    Here is the order:
    Sarah  Eventing in Color
    Genny A Gift Horse
    Carly  Poor Woman Showing
    Alli     Pony'tude
    Erika  An Optimist, a Pony, and a Pug

    Please send me your shipping information and size choice to or send me a message on Facebook. Include a secondary size, just in case. Thank you all for participating.


    1. Anxiety Survey - finally I know! I could NOT find that answer :) How generous of him to offer us all shirts!

    2. Man, I could not find that answer either!! At least we all got to explore the site more.

    3. You both were in the right section though, Lesson review. The students see medical and then do the survey at the beginning and at the end. Glad you enjoyed the site :)

    4. Thank you very much! This was a really great way to promote a fabulous organization. I love that horses are used for therapy, giving back to these men and women who have given so much for our country!