Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HGBH What's in a Name?

What's in a Name? I love this blog hop. Let's start the list

 DaVinci: He is not registered and was originally bought at auction. I think his previous owners just showed him as DaVinci. When we got him we wanted to honor his former rider, so we added "HJ's" in front of DaVinci. As for his barn name, it is just DaVinci, though sometimes we call him "D."

Winston: He is registered half Arab as Winston Spring Trophy. His dam was Spring Bouquet and his sire is Buds Trophy?, something like that.  When we got him they called him Bandit which did not fit him at all, so we just call him Winston. Peggy and Larry have taken to calling him Winny, but we don't really have a pet name for him. His show name is Omnis Cor, "all heart" in Latin. I picked that because that is exactly what he is.

Dottie: She is not registered as far as I know, but the name on her halter she came with was "Dottie DeCafe." Who the heck names a  horse that? Anyway, I have always wanted to use my initials (NV sounds like envy) for a horse's name and since she was my first horse bought with my own money, it was perfect. So, after some debate we came up with NV's Silhouette. Our dark girl finally has a name to suit her. Much better than DeCafe. In the barn I basically call her Dottie Dear.

Rosemary: She is registered Welsh Cob as North Star Rosemary. North Star is her breeder's prefix. They are Amish so the religious aspect is no surprise. Rosemary probably comes from her maternal side. Her dam was Rosie, grand and great were Rosemary and Rosina respectively. For obvious reasons we don't call her Rosie. I tend to call her "Drama Mama" or "Barn Monitor" but she does not have an established nick name.

Roscoe: He is also registered Welsh Cob. We were excited to get to name him right from birth. Lisa, his breeder told us he needed an "R" name since she matches the Mare's first letter. And because I wanted a Castleberry Cob, we asked Lisa to use her Prefix. Then we spent months deciding on a name. Mom finally hit on "Reflection." Orginally Castleberrys Rosie Reflection, was our choice for a filly and Castleberrys Roscoe was our choice for a colt. Then we decided we liked Reflection for both, so we tried Castleberrys Reflection of Ffame for a colt's name. This would be like his sire's name Castleberrys Ffame ap Culhwch. Unfortunately your only allowed a certain amount of characters and that was too long. So in the end, we went with Castleberrys ReFflection. The "Ff'" reflects Ffame's dam's line and the "R" name shows Rosemary's. Of course his barn name became Roscoe. I tend to call him "Baby Cakes" or "Minion" depending on the day.

And for fun
Sherman: He was registered Morgan. Now don't laugh, his name was Vinty Delfry Dare. I know seriously, a total nightmare. We never used that name. He was showed under Sherman's Way, because he was one of a kind.

Barry: He was registered Arab as Barry El Caballo. Yeah, total disappointment for me when we got his papers. I thought he would have a cool Arab name. His sire was Bard and his dam was Gayla El Caballo. My boy was a southern gentleman, born in Piciyune MS. His show name came after trial ones like Blueberry. Eventually I listened to a James Galway (plays flute) song called Penny Whistle Jig. The light, happy spirit reminded me of Barry so Penny Whistle became his show name.


  1. I call Emi "Baby Cakes" also. :)

  2. Love all the nicknames to go with them! :) Minion cracks me up!

  3. How funny Alanna! Thanks Genny, believe me Minion definitely suits him :)