Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby got Bounce

I have had a few rides on Roscoe recently and he has given me an awesome trot. Since Mom and Peggy were riding at the same time, no one got video of it. The common factor each time was that there was a mare present. I needed to get him listening to me rather than paying attention to the mare. So I trotted and did circles. At one point I looked at Mom and said "Baby got bounce!" I normally sit lightly at first until he is steady then start posting. With this trot I could barely sit. Mom said he was sitting and pushing from behind. All those great Cob joints were bending and giving me that awesome trot.
My Pixel Pony

Today I put the dressage saddle on for the first time and gave Peggy my phone to take a video. Well since there was no mares and Comrade was just standing in the middle, Roscoe decided it was a lazy day. Instead of bounce, I got sloth pony. Ok that's an exaggeration, maybe more of a western jog. Plus he was Mister Distracted Tourist. Here is the video from today.
We went for a trail ride after that worked his butt off. He was a bit of a baby today. I told him he was allowed to have baby days especially when they are not too bad. It just meant we had to scale back the challenges. I do think we did a step of canter going up a hill today. Love this pony! At one point, Peggy  went off with Comrade after a break. Roscoe had been standing with a leg cocked. He just watched at they walked off, not moving until I asked him to move on.
Even with his tourist actions and biting Comrade's butt, the ride was great. He worked up a sweat on all those hills. Wonder if he will need a trace clip?

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