Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prepping for Canter

So, now I will tell the story behind Wednesday's picture. Roscoe and I have made steady progress at trot. He still gets distracted in company, but we work through it. I even went for a ride on him bareback. That was a crazy, but fun ride. Roscoe is still a bit small for even my pony size pad. When I asked for trot, all that wonderful push he has combined with his wiggliness unbalanced me. Confused he just walked. I really had to melt around him and find my center. We both figured it out eventually, making the ride a success.
Over head view

One thing that has become apparent is that he needs a bigger bit. For now he inherited Rosemary's three piece loose ring. Can you believe he may need a bit bigger than 5in? Wednesday was his first ride with that bit. I put his western saddle on, just in case. Especially since the day was cool and he had not worked in a while. That turned out to be a sound decision because he was like a keg of dynamite, ready to go off at any moment. I did not know what the ride would entail. That kind of lightness is not the good kind. It was probably his most "Baby" like moments. At one point he spooked and nearly tipped me off his side. Gotta love narrow little boys. Then after that he seemed to find his brain and focus. Mom said it scared him straight.
Now that his brain was activated, he was a different pony. No more keg of dynamite. I asked him to trot and found he was less fussy with the new bit. Yay, that gives me time to figure out what bit he needs. I trotted him a few more times around and then went to chat with Mom. After the rough start, I was happy with the work he had done. Mom told me to try and get him to move on. When I ever decide to try for canter, I need to know he will respond to what I ask.

Trot left

He knows during ground work that "Trot on" means he needs to give bigger movement. So I used that term and kisses to get more out of him. From the beginning I have asked him nicely with leg once and then quickly followed with the whip if he does not respond. Cobs tend toward the lazy side and I don't want Roscoe to fall into that habit. To the left he felt amazing. He maintained the same impulsion and added forward. To the right, his bad side, he did not have as much forward. He still showed some response though.

trot right

The picture actually came about when I asked for trot to the right. He was slow responding to my leg causing me to go to the whip. A sharp tap resulted in that picture. To be honest, I had no clue what he had just done. Mom was taking video and told me after. The way he felt, I really wanted to try a canter. Unfortunately the gates were open, so it will be another day. Considering he did that canter step from a walk, I am excited to see what he gives.
And that is the story behind the canter step photo. One fabulous step in time :)

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  1. He is so handsome! I feel you on the narrow thing. Chrome is five and a half now and finally doesn't feel narrow in the saddle. Bareback he still sometimes feels a bit narrow lol.