Saturday, November 1, 2014

Clip Art

Brrrr, It is starting to get cold. My ponies moved up to their 100gram blankets tonight. At least we did not get the snow some areas in central VA got.
Since the wind was gusting, I figured it was a day to catch up on my work. Number one on the list, trimming Rosemary's hooves. She was suppose to be done a couple weeks ago, but I trimmed Comrade and Roscoe instead before the show. I trimmed back her platter toes with her cooperation for once. It is always so nice to see how good they look after a trim.
Next up was going to be her trace clip. Both girls need one, but I did not want to make her stand after her trim. So I decided to play with the clippers and a quarter mark stencil. When I mentioned that Rosemary needed a clip, Lisa (Roscoe's breeder) sent me a picture of the perfect clip for her, a Dragon. Unfortunately my skills do not stretch even close to what this needed, but Rosemary could totally rock it.
A Welsh and a Dragon, perfect. If only I could

My initial idea was to use the diamond stencil to create a geometric flower. Then the clipper blade was too big to fit in the stencil and I had to adjust. It was tough to work with how the hair was lying. I just kept going, even though I was not sure if anyone would want to see it afterwards. Her blanket could cover any horrible errors I make. It seemed the horrible was going to be the outcome, until slowly I saw some potential. I added a line here, smoothed an area there before finally thinking I could actually call it a flower. I added a smooth center to cap it off.

Then I thought is resembled a pinwheel and needed something more. Using the edge of the stencil, I added a stem. At the bottom I put a leaf.

Still, I thought it was not right. The leaf was too low. I fixed that by adding more stem below.

Finally her clip art was done and I did not feel like it should be hidden.

My sister says I made her a My Little Pony, but my Dad said she did not have sparkles like them. Ah well, I was impressed with how it looked in the natural light later when I changed her blanket.
Now I have to do her trace clip... at some point :)


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    1. Thanks Christle. It was more fun than the trace clip would have been :)