Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rosemary Eye Update

My shadow :)

One more day of inventory obligations and then I start my new daytime schedule. Let the night time rides begin and hopefully I don't freeze my butt off.
Anyway, as Rosemary was following me around today trying to convince me my "one treat per pony" did not apply to her, I realized I have not updated you all about her eye. After two years of treatment it is looking so great. I am glad we could avoid surgery. Now that we are at Peggy's she is able to get her medicines consistently, which always shows changes.
For those new to my blog, here is the short and sweet of Rosemary's eye. In Jan 2012 she developed a raised bump on what we thought was a scar. Minor surgery and a biopsy showed it was a sarcoid. We consulted with our holistic vet after finding out surgery was the only conventional option. Both vets did not want to use a topical due to the closeness to the eye. Trial and error with familiar remedies did not yield results and the sarcoid came back even bigger in Nov. The holistic vet recommended a Chinese Remedy and Mum powder. Though not cheap, we did see results pretty quick. The bump grew and seemed to open. It was uprooting. In April 2013 a big chunk finally fell off and it continued to shrink from there. Barn drama caused her to have inconsistent times getting her medicine, so the changes slowed, but still happened.
Now the area on her eye that had no hair, is now covered and the sarcoid is just a small raised area. At the start I would never have believed that ugly spot would ever look normal even with the Holistic vet's assurance, but it does. The wonders of medicine never cease to amaze me.
Jan 2012
Jan 2015


  1. So impressive! I remember being totally grossed out by all those changing pictures of it. :P

    1. I am so glad I took those pictures though because I don't think people would believe the changes without them. Looking back I am still amazed.

  2. glad she's doing better without surgery!