Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finding A New Normal

This month had me starting a new position after a lateral move at work. My old position was changed to make me work days, so moving to a job that requires morning hours was an easy decision. The benefit of the new job is that I can work nearly 2 hours early, which means I can get to the barn at a decent time. The down side is traffic and a lack of sleep.
Spring brings new changes

As I deal with traffic, I try to remember that it all leads to more ride time. A lot more ride time. So, I am working to find a new normal.
I wake up between 530 and 600 so I can leave between 615 and 630. Then I cross my fingers and hope traffic is not too horrible. I start work at 730 if traffic cooperates or by 800 if not. 8.5 hours later I can start the trek to the barn. It is definitely better to leave by 400 to beat the worst traffic. It is amazing what a half an hour can cause. So far my travel time is about an hour. Though one day a truck carrying a crane got cut off on I 95 and tipped the crane over. This caused a massive backup, that carried over into the military base. It took me 1.5 hours just to get off base. No visiting the barn that day. Luckily that has not reoccurred.
Once I get to the barn, it is time for night chores. The horses go into the sacrifice area for the night now that the grass is coming in. Sonny moves into his own area so that he can get his candy hay. Normally Mom sets up the hay bags in the morning. This way I just have to pass them out once they are closed in. Dottie, Sonny, DaVinci and Roscoe get their dinner. A final check of water ends the night chores. This all takes 1.5 hours.
A good view to have

When all that is complete, I am free to ride. I have started recording who is worked, so I can easily see who is in need of exercise and who Mom worked in the morning. Whoever I work, I try to be in the saddle by 700. This gives me at least a half hour to ride and cool out. Then I have time for scratches and treats before leaving at about 800. The latest I have left is 830, but that is a bit too late to stay.
45 minutes later I am at home. I have a little bit of time to go on the computer and eat dinner. Then I have to go to bed by 1000, 1100 absolute latest so that I am not a zombie in the morning.
The schedule has been tough, but it forces me to make the most of the time I have. I told myself that to make up for losing money working days, I had to make sure I ride more. Otherwise, the negatives, lack of sleep and TRAFFIC, would factor too much. So far that driving force is working. Most of the horses have worked at least once if not twice a week. Now I am off to bed to start another week.


  1. finding the right balance in a work schedule is tough to do - hopefully this new set up will prove to be the most optimal!

  2. Once you settle into the new routine, it will just keep getting better & better I bet!