Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It dawned on me yesterday when Roscoe's breeder texted me, that he leaves in two weeks. Where the heck has time gone?

Now to get the packing in order and notes written. The trailer went into the shop for a check up and Mom scheduled the vet to get Roscoe's health certificate. I ordered his treats and bug off supplement. He will get his Shoo Tag in his wild mane soon. Things are getting real now.

I rode Roscoe this week and he was an idiot at the beginning. Tried to twist his neck up and over, almost falling over. I was a bit on the nervous side after my fall, so I went back to walking and turning him. Eventually he settled, I settled and we managed a full trot lap with no theatrics. I called it a win and a day. The next day, I changed his bit to an eggbutt two piece snaffle to see if he liked it better than the loose ring. Two piece bits are not my first choice but, work for research. To help me I put the western saddle on him. Security helps find peace of mind. He was better and seemed quieter with his head. Since he had a working brain again, I focused on burning some of his energy using intervals.

The best part was that after each ride, he followed me around the arena. He even jumped the jumps if I walked over them before. He definitely will work for sugar :) Though he can be a hormonal pain in the butt, when he does things like this it balances everything.


  1. lol what a cutie! i hope he enjoys his little adventure to the breeders :)