Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Roscoe!!!

Roscoe is spending his first birthday since he was born without us :( So we gave him his gift early when we visited. I knew what that gift would be when we dropped him off in May.

Fluffy pine sawdust,  simple but just what he wanted. Lisa uses the pelleted kind of bedding, which works for bedding, but has little volume. We try to make sure our stalls have at least 3 inches of sawdust. When we moved to Peggy's, we corrupted her with stall thoughts. The horses really enjoy a cushy bed. Roscoe especially appreciates it on wet days, when he can roll around to dry off.

After buying 4 bags of sawdust, Lisa looked at us like we had lost our minds. Then she saw Roscoe's reaction and understood. As I opened the first bag, he came over and used his muzzle to push sawdust out of the bag. When I dumped it he pawed and rolled right on the little pile. He was so happy. That was probably the best $20 we ever spent. Roscoe also appreciated the fact that he did not splash when he peed. The next day he had sawdust on his butt and in his mane.

Four years ago Roscoe was born on Father's Day and now he is well on his way to being a father himself. Plus he shares his birthday with his own sire, who turned 8 today.