Friday, June 26, 2015

"I Could Fit Through That Door"

This has been a tough week and there is not relief in sight. My office, all two of us, has been helping relocate one of the smaller stores. The old store location is in a secure building and we have to be escorted. Then we haul the merchandise to the new location through halls and into elevators. It is probably a half mile loop, if not more. The new back stock area is on another floor with a loading dock nearby, but the door is not wide enough to get a pallet through. That means we have to unpack inside the truck and hand carry inside. Overall we are doing a lot of work, but not getting much done. Tomorrow will be our 6th day of moving and hopefully we will make a dent. At least the new location is looking ready for business.

A Life without Limits

In addition to the store move, my office is on call for helping at the Warrior Games. These are sporting events for wounded warriors from the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, SOCOM and the British Armed Forces. I asked Larry when riding would join the sport line up for the games. Probably never. Anyway we have to monitor the food line and collect meal tickets. Have you ever stood between a bunch of athletes and their food, yeah real fun. So my 7th day of work will be dealing with the two meals planned for the closing day of the games.
Once the games are done, the base has to do a quick take down of the tents so the fields are ready for the holiday. My office again has to work that event, so next week we have to do the prep for our part. As well as completing our normal tasks before the holiday. On top of it all, I applied for a higher position in my office when a coworker left. That means I get to interview which includes a test.

Two for One Deal

With all that happening, I needed a ride. Yesterday was actually decent compared to the super hot and humid we have had recently. I hopped on Rosemary for a therapy ride. Even though she decided she would rather travel with her hind end on the inner track, it felt great to ride. Larry, who did the evening mucking and made it possible for me to ride, watched us work. Then he walked with us out on trail. If he got too far behind, Rosemary would stop and wait for him to catch up. She absolutely loves Larry and is always mooching.

Serious Contemplation

When we got back to the house, Larry was headed inside. Rosemary stood watching him go to the door. I called for her to follow me to the barn. She looked at me, then back at Larry in the doorway. He shut the door, but she still looked. I walked over to the barn to undo the rope and could just see her thinking "I could fit through that door." Larry opened the door again and we both laughed at her. I told her that was not happening. Eventually she followed me to the barn. I made it up to her with a cookie. Seemed to help :)
I know that nose

And I got an update from Lisa. Roscoe is living the easy life...because so far 3 of the mares have not come back into heat. So far so good. 2 more left. Lisa called to him and he came right over so she could take the above picture. That's my boy!


  1. lol she really does look ready to follow right through that doorway

    1. She, Comrade and even Dottie have gone through doorways before so I was glad she resisted this time.