Friday, June 5, 2015

Rain,Rain, New Foal, Rain, Twizzler Fun

Okay I think the title sums it up. Now you know why I have not posted for five days. We have had rain everyday and mud now, so riding is not happening.
Lisa keeps me updated on Roscoe's progress which is improving, but he still thinks he has to rush forward. 7 more days until we get to see him again. I have to make his food up this weekend and increase the amounts since he is working so much.
She also kept me updated about the last mare she had left to foal. Fortunately unlike the mare that foaled while we were there, this mare was progressing more normally and developing an udder. We worried since she was exposed to the same hay as the other mare and lost a foal a couple years ago. But all went well, expect the spider that tried to weave a web over the camera Lisa had pointed on her for foal watch. Comrade had a new black nephew with a very cute blaze. My first thought when I saw it was that his star had slipped and left a trail behind. Another more creative person looked at it and saw a Dr. Seuss character from the Grinch. Either way it is an unique marking. Now Lisa has to think of an "E" name. That should be fun.

Ebony and Colt

And in case you were wondering, this is the mare that I would like a Roscoe baby from. Mostly because she is homozygous black and provides the chance for a color other than chestnut, but also because she is an awesome example of a Cob. Now let us hope she can put up with Roscoe's theatrics during breeding next month. I have already started thinking about names. So long to wait though...

Traffic was really bad one day and I decided to go home via the barn. Longer but lets me visit the ponies for a few minutes. Peggy brought out a package of Twizzlers, cherry/lemon filled, and said we could have them. Well Rosemary decided that she was interested in them and proceeded to twist her head and be very cute. Of course we shared, how could  we not. Here is a video of her antics. And can I just say she is completely dry, the shine is all her coat. Even dirty she is so shiny and Dottie is showing her dapples again.

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