Friday, July 10, 2015

A Must Have Trailer Accessory

After our memorable trip home when we dropped off Roscoe, we had the initiative to spend the money on a trailer accessory we have always wanted, a stabilizer system. Mom asked the trailer guys about pricing when the frayed brake line was fixed. The system runs just below $600.
So why is this a must have?
This system helps prevent the sway action and distributes the weight more evenly on the tow vehicle. The biggest difference you can see right away, the truck tends to be more level. Normally our truck is slightly lower in the rear when the trailer is hooked. We have to jack the trailer up pretty high to disconnect because the truck rises as the trailer weight is removed. Mom said when she dropped the foot with the system on, she kept waiting for the truck to rise and it did not happen. Because the truck and trailer are level, braking will be easier and there is more control.

Our truck needed a deeper drop than the kit supplied, so the trailer guys had to find a used one. Definitely a hefty set up. I would also recommend a locking hitch pin. The trailer guys said hitches get stolen for the cost of the metal. Crazy what some people will do.

While it was in for the system, I decided to get the tires replaced. I spent the extra to upgrade from 6 ply(Hi Run) to 8 ply (Tow Master). If they last as long as my last set, the expense will be worth it. Roscoe will be riding in comfort for his trip home. The count down begins, seven days and he will be home.


  1. YES. Could not agree more about the stabilizing bars. My trailer actually came with them, and I LOVE them. Would not leave home without them. They do make turning a little less tight sometimes, but they totally eliminate most sway problems on the highway.

  2. you must be so excited to have Roscoe coming home soon!