Tuesday, July 7, 2015

She's Just Not Into You

I had to laugh when I received an update from Lisa the other day. I was on the computer when my phone started beeping a bunch of text alerts. When I looked it was a stream of texts from Lisa. It seems that none of the bred mares have come back into heat, yay. She is going to tease them for another week to make sure their cycles are not off. Well, while she was checking those mares she found that Roscoe's Aunt through his sire's side, Athanasia was in heat. She is not a fan of Roscoe even though he talks to her. I think it is because Roscoe went after her adopted baby Ffafr, the yearling colt. I know Rosemary gets protective of Roscoe whenever the others go after him. This mare is one of two I worried about kicking the heck out of Roscoe. The other turned out okay, but this mare proved true.
Photo by Lisa: Athanasia with baby half brother Ffafr

Lisa decided to try the breeding and even put tape on Athanasia's nose so Roscoe could mount. He was able to mount but she said she was closed for business. That tail was clamped tight. I guess when he got close to succeeding, she started kicking. Tape can only do so much. So poor Roscoe was dealt his first rejection and was left unsatisfied. Sorry bud, she's just not into you and it is not worth an injury to push the breeding. Too bad, since she is a great Cob mare.
Love those Arab ears :)

I told Lisa this meant she needed to get back in the saddle this year :) Luckily I have been able to get in the saddle more this month. I think the horses have already worked more than they did last month. So things are looking up.

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  1. aw poor Roscoe!!! exciting about the rest of the mares tho :D