Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All In The Family

Whew 7 days in a sorta sunny Florida put me into riding withdrawal. I went from September where I rode 20 out 30 days to missing nearly 20 days. Hard to be too upset when my grandmother was so happy to see us all.

It also gave me my normal rash on my hands. There is something in Florida that just does not work for me. I dreaded having to stack 150 bales of hay when we got home with my hands so sore, but I was saved by the rain.

Our first day back I asked Peggy if she was off restriction now from her eye surgery. She was, so we did a trail ride through the fall foliage. I definitely felt the time off and 14 hour drive when I sat on Dottie's broad back. It was totally worth the ride though.

The next day Peggy was sick, we found moldy cubes and it was raining. Not good. By time we went out and got new cubes, the rain had stopped and I decided to see how wild my stallion was after all the time off. Turned out he was still on vacation. Mom rode Rosemary and Roscoe was seriously distracted. Mom was trying to tell me how to get him working, but lack of sleep had me not willing to listen to her and a little pissy. I did finally get tired of his poking around and really whapped him across the butt with the whip. And what do you know, he finally tuned into what I was telling him. I felt bad, but I guess he needed the proverbial 2x4. It did feel good not to have to keep nagging him and I did not have to be heavy handed with the whip again. Sharing the ring with Rosemary was really good for him to learn that he could do his own job while she did hers.

At some point during the ride, I realized that we were divided into mothers and offspring. I had to have a picture. Roscoe was super about standing next to Rosemary.

All in the Family :)

One thing the picture shows, is that Roscoe has the same length of leg as Rosemary. I had taken baling twine to his leg, Comrade's and Rosemary's a bit ago, so I already knew it but it is cool to actually see it side by side. He is only an inch off of Comrade's leg length. I think he will be taller than his mother, but stay under 14.2h. He is filling out width wise and that will make a difference too. Roscoe already fills out his sheet from last year much better.

Now to mail off his Stallion Service Report so his foals can be registered and wait to hear if Rosemary's nomination for Welsh of the year will go into the running.


  1. um, interesting comments here! lol... seriously tho, what a cute picture haha

  2. Uh yesh, not sure what that was all about.
    Those two can't help but be cute :)

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